Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stitch Fix #4 & #5 Reviews

I'm super behind on reviewing my Stitch Fix boxes, so here are two at once. [If you do not yet know what Stitch Fix is, please read my very first review here.]

Stitch Fix #4

Kut from the Kloth Denna Skinny Jean - $78

These jeans were too big. Apparently this is very common for this brand. They're also too long, so I decided to add in my exact inseam to my profile to better help my stylist pick pants for me in the future. RETURNED

Market and Spruce Pablo V-Neck Blouse - $58

I requested to try a mustard colored top and this shirt definitely confirmed everything I knew about all forms of yellow looking horrendous against my skin tone. I liked the fit and design of this shirt, but it looked truly awful on me. RETURNED

Skies are Blue Caspian Scallop Trim Cardigan - $68

I also requested a cardigan in this fix and love this one, however, my sister-in-law has this exact one (apparently I convinced her to keep it) and she lives with us, therefore I have access to it already (she's really nice and has an open closet policy). It didn't make sense to purchase this. (Spoiler: I didn't keep anything, therefore sold this to recoup my styling fee.) SOLD

Laila Jayde Willson Cowl Neck Knit Top - $58

I hated this when I peeked at my box, and I still hate this top. It is extremely unflattering on me. (I'm cringing posting these pictures.) If a super thin, boring shirt is going to cost $58, it better make me feel/look amazing and this did the complete opposite.

41Hawthorn Reid Lace Detail Blouse - $68

I really liked this top. It was flattering and black is my go-to, so I was definitely drawn to this shirt. The downside was the fit. It looks like it fits well, but I couldn't move my arms. The shoulders were much too snug, making it extremely uncomfortable and impossible to justify purchasing. RETURNED

Again, I didn't keep anything this fix, but I'm still enjoying the service and haven't lost any money doing it (because I've sold at least one item in both fixes I didn't keep anything to get my $20 styling fee back). If you're discouraged by this fix and the last, READ ON!

Stitch Fix #5

I peeked as soon as I got my shipping confirmation and was soo excited about the items my stylist picked for me in this fix. Here they are:

Just Black Jimmy Skinny Jeans - $88 ($66 with discount)

I have received a lot of very nice jeans from Stitch Fix. The price points are much higher than I typically (or ever) pay for jeans, but I have to admit, they feel much nicer too. The biggest issue so far has been length. I've learned my legs must be much shorter than is normal for my height. I measured my inseam and noted this on my profile page, stating the length I would need for skinnies versus the length needed for bootcut or flares (they're back!). I am so thankful I did that because my stylist read it and was able to find these jeans, which are technically ankle length, but that means perfect for me! I love the dark wash of these and the fit is perfection. I've washed (and dried) them several times now and the color hasn't faded at all and they've kept their shape. I LOVE these jeans! KEPT

Market & Spuce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt - $48 ($36 with discount)

I have two plaid shirts currently pinned on my Pinterest style board, so I'm glad to know my stylist is paying attention. I love the look of plaid shirts (although a tad picky on the color combination), but own zero (until now). This one is super lightweight, which is great for FL fall since it's not cold and extremely soft. I like that the sleeves can be 3/4 length or rolled and buttoned with the tab right above the elbow (hence the tab-sleeve part of the name). My only hesitation with this shirt is when I button the top button, it gaps. An easy fix is to wear a tank underneath and leave it unbuttoned (as shown). I also read of one lady stitching between the two buttons to prevent the gaping, so that could be an option as well. KEPT

Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress - $54 ($40.50 with discount)

I have this dress pinned (in green), so I was thrilled to receive it. The cut is pretty universally flattering (the scoop neck is great for those of us needing to contain a larger chest without showing cleavage and the rouching is perfect for hiding my post-baby pudge). The length is perfect for wearing with boots, flats or wedges. The purple is a good color for me, so this dress was an all-around win. KEPT

Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan - $48 ($36 with discount)

I'm not sure who decided the name of this should include the word slub, but that doesn't have a nice ring to me. Regardless, I love the Pixley brand and the price of this cardigan (for Stitch Fix items, that is). I do wish it was any color other than black, not because I don't like black, but because I already own two black cardigans. Neither one is open front or as long as this one or as soft. I probably wouldn't have kept this if I wasn't going to already keep everything else (spoiler, sorry), but with the 25% off discount, it was cheaper to keep than return. Plus, I WILL wear it (already have). KEPT

Street Level Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag - $48 ($36 with discount)

I've gone back and forth checking and unchecking whether I want to receive bags/purses from Stitch Fix. I'm a one bag at a time kind of girl, but my current purse's straps are starting to fall apart. (This is a common problem I have -- the rest of the purse is in perfect shape, but the straps peel apart. What am I doing wrong?) I have zero desire to spend time moving things from purse to purse depending on my outfit, therefore, any bag I carry needs to be able to match anything. (My current purse is silver.) This color (they call it red) doesn't do that. For a smaller purse, it can surprisingly hold a lot, which I appreciate. It has a TON of pockets and is overall cute, but I decided that I wouldn't be able to use it on a daily basis, so I decided to sell it. SOLD (for full price, but I covered the shipping, so more like $42 -- still more than the discounted price)

This fix was a total win for me! I got to keep all (kind of) items and get the amazing 25% off discount, making everything much more reasonably priced. I should tell you that I specified in my note to my stylist that I wanted the total fix to be under the $200 and she listened! (Technically, with my $20 styling fee, it's over $200, but I still appreciate it!)

*In reality, I spent $172.50 in total on this fix because of selling the purse.

If you're interested in this service, PLEASE consider using one of the links throughout this post (or this one) as I will receive a credit toward my future fixes. THANK YOU!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Three VoxBox Reviews

I recently qualified for THREE VoxBoxes in a row! If you don't know what a VoxBox is, then you likely haven't heard of Influenster. It's a program where you sign up to review products. The more "influence" you have (social media, reviews on their site, etc.), the more likely you are to be sent products in the mail to test at home. Sign up here to give it a try.

VOXBOX #1: Pampers VoxBox

This box included three Pampers Cruisers (size 3) to test out. I've used Pampers diapers plenty in the past. I LOVE their swaddler diapers. They are super soft and have the wetness indicator that I love. Since switching to size 3, I've been purchasing Huggies. Honestly, the only reason is because they're cheaper (not as cheap as off-brand, but cheaper than Pampers -- at Sam's Club, that is). I really liked the fit of these diapers and the new design of how they absorb is well done. I would purchase these IF they were comparable in price, but I will likely continue to purchase a cheaper option.

VOXBOX #2: TastyKake VoxBox

This box included a box of 8 packages of mini chocolate cupcakes (each package contained three minis), a party hat, a koozie, and two $1 off coupons. My four year old was super excited to get this treat in the mail as I try to keep sweets to a minimum. Upon first bite, he was in love. He is allowed a treat after "going #2" in the potty (old habits die hard), so these were used for that. I do not like the taste of packaged cupcakes (or much of any cake for that matter), but my four year old loved them! It's not likely that I will purchase them in the future (again, I limit the sweets and processed foods), but my son says, "Thanks Influenster for the yummy treat!"

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

VOXBOX #3: Apple and Eve VoxBox

This one must have gotten lost in the mail because I received the email that I was getting it, but never did. So sad! (I'm still holding out hope that it's just delayed!)

*All of the items in this review were sent complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I receive no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

I just received my 3rd fix. If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix (where have you been?), in short, it's a women's clothing service where you get matched with a personal stylist who hand selects five items to send you in the mail and you decide whether to keep them or not. If you want the long details, see my first review.

After getting two fixes where the tops were a tad big, I decided to size down on my style profile. I was a bit nervous everything would be too small, but as you will see below, the fit was much better. Here's what I got:

Market & Spruce Gillia Lace Detail Knit Top - $58

I really love certain aspects of this top. I love the stripes and the fabric is SUPER soft. I like the tab on the sleeves and that they're 3/4 length. I like the idea of the lace on the shoulder, but do not like it on this top. I think the lace pattern is too weird busy and I hate showing bra straps (strapless bras are awkward while nursing). For the price tag of Stitch Fix items, I need to love it to keep it and this one didn't do it for me. RETURNED

Skies are Blue Taven V-Neck Blouse - $44

This item matched my style the least of all the items this fix. It fits well (yay for new size being right), but I don't like how the orange stripe doesn't match the rest of the colors in the shirt. Because of this, I know I won't reach for it. RETURNED

Loveappella Delemos Hooded Knit Top - $58

This top was just no good for me. The colors are drab, the "hood" (it's really just a funnel neck) was too much fabric for me to get to lay right, the material was oddly thin and looked like it was covered in lint. I love a good sweatshirt to throw on when it cools off in the evenings, but this only looked like a sweatshirt while just being a shirt. Definitely not a match for me. RETURNED

Kut from the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean - $88

I've never tried boyfriend jeans before. I'm not sure if this is how the boyfriend style is supposed to fit, but I wasn't feeling it. I suspect that they will grow throughout the day and in this stage of life, both of my hands are typically busy and don't have time for hiking up my pants. I've heard that this brand tends to run big, so maybe it was just that. The length also seems to be a bit off on me. (The cuff is sewn in.)

Spoiler: I decided not to keep anything this fix, so I posted my items on a Facebook buy/sell/trade board for Stitch Fix items. Within a couple hours (it has over 21k members!), a lady messaged me to buy these jeans (and the top below). She paid full price for both items, covered the shipping cost and PayPal fees. (PayPal charges 2.9% + $.30 to use their site for transactions.) This is a great way not to "lose" the $20 styling fee. (When you buy any item, the $20 is credited toward the purchase.) Thanks Linda. SOLD

41Hawthorn Beckett Graphic Print V-Neck Blouse - $48

This was my favorite item (style-wise) in the box. I liked the teal color and print. If I had to keep one item, it was going to be this one. I didn't absolutely love it because the armpit holes were a bit too big/low and the v-neck cut pretty deep. If the fabric wasn't laying just right, it put "everything" on display. (I decided it was best to keep those pictures off the world wide web.) I was going to have my mom take it up at the shoulders, but decided that a $48 top should already be perfect. Also, it was hand wash only, which is just not ideal for me, so I was glad to be able to sell it (with the jeans). SOLD

I had $47 in referral credits, so I technically made
money since I sold the items for the full $136.
I'm still thinking of it as stitch fix money though.

All and all, this box was a bust for me. BUT since I didn't spend any money (and have $47 of free money to spend), I've already scheduled another fix for mid-October. I'll let you know what I get. 

*This post contains referral links. If you use my referral link, I receive a $25 credit (at no extra cost to you) to use on future fixes. PLEASE consider using my link to help me continue this fun service. (Also, please let me know because I'd love to see what you get!)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 Review

If you know me, you know I have little to no fashion sense. I also despise shopping. (And have even less desire to do so with two small children in tow.) All of those components make Stitch Fix a good option for me. If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, I recommend you go read my first review here. In short, it's a styling service for women where your personal stylist hand selects five items to send in the mail and you decide whether to keep them or send them back. Shopping made easy. 

This time I asked my stylist for prints and textures since my entire closet is comprised of solids and a couple stripes. Here's what I received: 

Daniel Rainn Manzee Crochet Detail Top - $68

This shirt is really pretty, but I had a few issues with it. First, it's a tad too big. The arm holes are too low (forgot to photograph that) and the body is a bit too wide. Secondly, I hate wearing a strapless bra, and I also don't like showing bra straps. I have to do one of those two things with this shirt. No thanks. Thirdly, it's dry clean only. Not happening. (This made me realize I needed to add a note to my style profile that I don't do dry cleaning. ever.) All and all, a $68 dry clean only shirt just isn't a great match for this stay at home mom. RETURNED

Skies Are Blue Anya Split Neck Blouse - $48

I asked for patterns, but this might be a little too much pattern for my comfort. Also, it hangs strangely off my chest (I think it's a dart issue). The material is amazing though. Even though it's 100% polyester, it's super soft. I have a split neck blouse by this brand pinned on my style board, so I appreciate that my stylist is paying attention (you can attach a pinterest board to your style profile so your stylist can see things you like), but this one didn't work for me. RETURNED

Everly Maura Dress - $58

the face says it all

When I peeked at my fix (yes, I have zero patience and did it again), I could not find this dress anywhere (anywhere being Google and Pinterest). I must be the first person to receive it and post about it. My stylist again clearly looked at my pinterest board because I have several scallop hemmed dresses and shirts pinned. But, I specifically said in my profile that while I want to hide my post-baby tummy, I do not want to look like I'm wearing a bag and this dress did exactly that. Also, as you can see in the picture, the arm pit holes were way to big/low for me. 

One cool thing I've learned about Stitch Fix is you can exchange an item due to size (or defect). In other words, I could contact customer service and ask if they have this exact dress in a smaller size (you cannot change colors or any other detail). If they have it in stock, they'll send a free shipping label, you send the item back, and they send the new size. There is a catch however. You MUST keep the exchanged size. It's a nice feature if you're in love with an item and it's the wrong size, but there's still a gamble that the new size will be right.

[Update: I requested a size exchange for an item in my first fix. Go back and see here.]

Even though an exchange is possible, I wasn't in love with this dress enough to try it. There's still too much risk for me not knowing how the next size down would fit. RETURNED

Just Black Shaylee Straight Leg Jeans - $78

I've read a lot of Stitch Fix reviews (I like to know what I'm getting into before I start something), and one thing I've consistently read is how amazing Stitch Fix pants are. I absolutely have to agree. These jeans fit soooo well and are extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, they're way too long. Yes, I know I could hem them and I've seriously considered it, but I also already own these jeans...

On one hand, my stylist clearly understands what I like. On the other, do I really need three pairs of extremely similar jeans? The combination of already owning two pairs of almost identical pants and then having to do work on this pair for them to be right made me decide to say no. RETURNED

Bancroft Karlita Hammered Coin Earrings - $28

Lastly, I got my first piece of jewelry from Stitch Fix. While filling out my style profile, I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to receive jewelry or not. 

Small portion of style profile

I know that their jewelry prices are much higher than what I could pay for something similar somewhere else, which made me want to check that I did not want to receive any jewelry in my fixes. (I'm still a penny pincher at heart.) However, just because I CAN find it elsewhere, doesn't mean I will take the time to do so. I currently wear two pairs of earrings, both of which were gifted to me. This ultimately made me decide to keep it open as an option. Yes, I might have to pay a higher price for a simple/not-so-unique piece of jewelry, but I clearly could use a couple more options in this department and having Stitch Fix send it, might just make me do it. And in this fix, it did.

I like these earrings. They're simple and will go with most anything. I don't like them for $28, but since nothing else was a great match this time, keeping the earrings prevents me from "losing" my styling fee and I will definitely get use out of them. (If you return all the items, the $20 styling fee is theirs to keep. If you keep at least one item, the styling fee is credited toward your purchase.) I am only paying $8 extra to keep them. In reality, I'm paying nothing because I currently have $50 in credits. (THANK YOU LAURA AND GINGER!) KEEP

Overall, even though my items weren't perfect this time, I don't consider it a complete bust. It's still fun to receive a package of personalized goodies to try and never have to leave the house (or put on makeup). 
They also send a card with suggestions on how to style each item.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try (and you should!), PLEASE use one of the links in this blog. When you use my referral link and order a box, it credits me $25 at no extra cost to you. This will allow me to continue to enjoy this fun service! (If you already ordered a fix without a referral, you can contact customer service and they can still give me credit.) 

*Thank you also to the Rachel who signed up with my link! I do not know which one of the many Rachel's it was to properly thank you.